Ron Ogden

Piano teacher in Mosman,Sydney

What can you expect from my music lessons?

I like to structure the lessons so that are relaxing and fun.They are structured around a set of achievable and realistic aims, and are discussed in depth with the student (and the parents of junior students) at the beginning of each term.

At all levels, great emphasis is given to understanding why the music being learnt was written in the first place! Time is spent listening and understanding the structural aspects of the music, as well as developing the necessary technical skills required.

For children this includes a broad mixture of musical elements which are demonstrated in an enjoyable way; from rhythm and melody games, to listening challenges with me sometimes being shown up by my young students!

For adults, we spend some time at each lesson investigating the context of the music being learnt; its place in history, and the form of musical language used by the composer.

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